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Help Spread Awareness of Dysautonomia

I am Nicole Sharp and I have a form of dysautonomia call postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and I suffer from many unseen yet debilitating symptoms, such as low blood volume, chest pain, palpitations, dizziness, severe fatigue, and it also causes me to faint. I was first misdiagnosed with anxiety but was persistent that there was something wrong and it took dozens of doctor and ER visits and four hospitalizations within four months before I was diagnosed. I thought my life would finally be better when I was diagnosed instead it got worse. I have yet to find a doctor properly educated in dysautonomia, many doctors still treat me as if I am a hypochondriac or as if it is anxiety. The treatments have not worked and I am searching for doctors to try other treatments. Many people treat me as if I am a hypochondriac or even faking for attention. I have met countless other people who have similar stories as I do because people and doctors are not aware of dysautonomia and how we suffer silently. I spend many days in bed, and my others in emergency rooms and doctors offices, I am waiting to go to Mayo Clinic but that may take as much as a year. I am 19 and rarely leave my house because I do not have the energy to walk and afraid to use my wheelchair because people do not understand my invisible illness and treat me badly for it. Please help spread awareness so me and all of the other people suffering can gain some understanding.

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