Extend voter registration for the EU Referendum! #EURef

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Last night, on Tuesday 7th June, the UK voter registration website became OVERWHELMED by the sheer quantity of traffic as Brits and other eligible voters rushed to register for the EU referendum in time. The website was unresponsive and unusable for the best part of 2 hours. "Computer says no" should not be the reason anyone is denied the vote. 

The deadline to register to vote was midnight. The site was mostly down from 10:15pm to midnight. 

This has inadvertently blocked thousands upon thousands of would-be voters from having their say in what most consider one of the most important decisions of our lifetimes. We are genuinely concerned that there will be no remedy - not only will thousands lose their vote, but thousands more will become even more disillusioned. 

The solution? Simple - extend and promote voter registration for 48 more hours. 

Even if it requires moving a mountain, it should be done, for the sake of democracy! UK Gov - please make it happen! We believe in you!! 

Leave or stay - every voter deserves their say. 

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