Dear EFF, please investigate Microsoft for malicious practices regarding Windows 10

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Dear EFF, please investigate Microsoft for malicious practices regarding Windows 10

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Started by Todd Kleinpaste

Microsoft's practices with their newest operating system, named Windows 10, has been ignorantly unethical at best and malicious at worst.

The problems begin with the upgrades. Reports everywhere state that people are being tricked or forced into upgrading to Windows 10 from their current, preferred version of Windows.

Incidents are increasing in their frequency. One such incident was a man who works fighting poachers in the African bush had the 6GB Windows 10 update forcibly downloaded to one of their computers. This is on a per MB metered connection. It could have happened during an operation, during which the lives of people in combat with militarized poachers could have been out of communication.

Besides this, Microsoft has put various unremovable, unblockable tracking mechanisms into their most recent version of Windows.

They are also adding the same tracking technology to Windows 7 and 8.

Users are continuing to be tracked even when they turn these features off.

In addition to this, Windows 10 is uninstalling software from users computers on its own, without requesting it from the user, even software that is compatible with Windows 10. More concerning, it is uninstalling antivirus software without user permission.

All of the above (forcing installation, uninstalling software, tracking the users, preventing and obfuscating ways to disable and/or remove it) are the practices of malicious software.

Besides all of this, Microsoft has stated that they intend to stop allowing software to be installed through any means other than their store. This includes one of its biggest markets- games. This would limit the innovation of such technologies and gives Microsoft a cut of every game sold for their platform, a situation unprecedented in the Windows platform and severely hindering the abilities of independent game developers.

Despite outcries in forums, articles, and every other venue Microsoft has not issued an apology, a retraction, or mentioned in any way that they are going to cease these practices. The only mention of them ceasing any of it is that the upgrade to Windows 10 will no longer be free after this coming July.

It is my hope that this petition reaches the eyes and ears of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization whose stated mission is, "EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. We work to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows." (

Please sign this petition to draw the EFF's attention and ask them to investigate Microsoft for unethical business practices. The investigation would be long and any legal action would be longer, but it is a worthwhile fight to keep computers and the internet free, maintain privacy, and give users more control of the devices in their homes.

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This petition had 6,553 supporters

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