Animal Rights Campaign Egypt

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I’m sorry this is long but please read it to make a difference. For the past few months I have come across events that completely outraged me and made me question our humanity; watching a dog on the news being thrown vigorously in the nile, overhearing a group of people complaining about lost dogs and cats in their compounds and how they are scared of these dogs and are tired of their poop that ruins their gardens and therefore are going to put poison in their gardens, and shoot any dog they see in the compound without waiting to see it’s intentions, also seeing all the severely injured dogs that are brought in by egyptian dog shelters, some harshly beaten, burnt with acids, and unbelievably tortured, and all the animals that are kept in zoos and used for transportation without being properly taken care of. This brought up the question how will this country ever thrive if it lacks basic humanity? How will it ever grow if people are cruel and selfish and use their power against vulnerable living things?  How are we supposed to change things when our own government supports killing them, recommends sending them to countries where they can be abused, slaughtered, and eaten, and when the people shooting these animals are our own police officers? Animal rights laws in Egypt are minimal and only written on paper uselessly and not enforced, people are uneducated and are taught to misjudge animals and blame their cruelty on the animals being “harmful” when they’re victims, that are only fighting for their survival. Children are growing up playing brutally on the streets by hurting animals and being taught that it’s okay...  This is unacceptable. so let’s do something let’s stand together to tell the government that disregarding this issue is not ok anymore especially with the daily increasing animal abuse. We need to clarify to them that animal lives DO matter and that we need to put laws and enforce them, let’s educate people and eliminate rumors of stray dogs and cats spreading diseases and being harmful. Please share this petition and encourage people to sign it.  “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”- Mahatma Gandhi

This petition aims to achieve the following:

*Set laws that ensure welfare to animals in zoos, labarotory procedures, and dogs who are commercially bred

*setting laws against animal cruelty, torture of animals, administering poisonous or injurious substance, or causing any unnecessary suffering to animals

*penalizing any pet holders who are unable to take care of their pets and are causing them any type of suffering 

*breaking these laws should involve receiving federal penalty such as a fine 

*educating general citizens and spreading awareness to the importance of animal welfare in our country 

This type of legislation was carried out in most countries ever since the 1970s it’s 2019 don’t you think it’s our turn?