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Please do not lock down laying hens in Japan

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To prioritize maximum output while minimizing costs, most chickens in Japan are raised on factory farms where they suffer greatly, leading short, miserable lives in overcrowded cages. Considered as “things”, not living beings, no consideration is given to their well-being, or the fact that they have their own lives, feelings and emotions.

The low price of eggs has remained constant since the 1960's, while chickens have paid the price in suffering. This must end.
This petition will be delivered to the egg industry, egg retailers, food manufacturers and restaurants using battery cage eggs and will also be used to lobby the government.

The use of battery cages is an inhumane production method under which egg-laying hens are housed in small wire-mesh enclosures in overcrowded spaces. Here, they spend their entire lives, unable to fulfill their natural behaviours such as nesting, perching, dust bathing or rooting around in the soil. The wire floors of the cages are sloped so that the eggs roll out of the cages, putting further stress on the hens’ joints. Each hen has approximately sixty-four square inches of space. As of 2014, 92% of the poultry industry in Japan used battery cages.

The EU, as well as six states in the USA, has already banned battery cages.
Overseas, many well-known, major companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks and Walmart, announced some time ago that they have ended, or are phasing out, the use of eggs from hens in battery cages.

The number of companies following suit has also increased yearly. In the U.S, the top 25 retailers have committed to phasing out battery cages over the next decade. Other companies who have phased out (or, are actively phasing out) battery eggs include: Alsea, the world's fifth biggest restaurant group; Grupo Bimbo, the world`s largest baking company which operates the largest bakeries in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Chile and Spain; Carnival Corporation, the biggest cruise company in the world; and Hilton Worldwide, the hotel giant. Worldwide, across industries, corporations of all kinds are phasing out battery eggs.

However, in Japan, there's no similar movement.
In order to fight effectively to change this, and to save the millions of hens suffering at this very moment, we need your voice. Please say "No" to battery cage eggs.

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"No More Battery-Cage Eggs" Campaign:

The Japan Animal Rights Center had a vet examine chickens rescued from battery cages in Japan. The results revealed gruesome animal cruelty:

Koharu's story -rescued from battery cage-

(Images taken at a poultry farm in Japan, 2016)


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