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The Durham Fair Association: Cancel the Elephant Encounter Show


The Durham Fair Association in Durham, Connecticut is supporting the captivity, mistreatment and exploitation of elephants for entertainment by hosting the Elephant Encounter show at the 2013 fair in September. According to the Durham Fair Association, “They are not circus elephants or zoo elephants, but family elephants.” However, William (Bill) Morris, the owner of Elephant Encounter, was videotaped hitting the Asian elephant, Cora, with a bullhook in 2003. In addition, Morris has failed to meet minimal federal standards for the care of animals used in exhibition as established in the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited him for repeated failure to provide adequate veterinary care and for failure to provide a nutritional diet to two undersized elephants, shelter from the elements, and adequate ventilation.
The African elephant and Asian elephant in the Elephant Encounter show were forcibly removed from their families many years ago and have been forced to perform these tricks all their lives. Many individuals who are against the Elephant Encounter show have already spoken out on social media websites stating that they will boycott the fair and businesses that support the fair if the show is not removed from the entertainment line up. Do we really want to expose our children to this unethical exploitation of the mighty elephant? Please encourage everyone you know to sign this petition! Thank you for your support!

Letter to
Durham Fair Foundation
President, Durham Fair Foundation Dan Miramant
Entertainment, Durham Fair Foundation Wendy Manemeit
We respectfully ask the Durham Agricultural Fair Association to reverse their decision to bring Elephant Encounter to our fair. Thank you for your consideration.

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