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The Dog Whispherer Helps Save Dogs World Wide

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Cesar Millan is a humanitrarian and all about dogs,  his foundation "The Cesar and Illusion Millan Foundation" and the" D.E.A.R." Fund gives Grants, donations and other funds to rescue organizations that actually resuce cats and dogs during emergencies.  Cesar and his CMI company with his staff, personally go and help to rescues dogs where needed.  They even go to shelters that can no longer keep some dogs because of over populations.  He pays for them to go to other shelters that do not kill and he also takes them to his Ranch and rehabilitates them and then finds homes for them. 

Cesar started the "Multi-gree" educational organization at Yale University to educate small  children to learn to have compassion and tenderness for dogs and other animals. He believes  that if children learn when they are youung to be compassionate with dogs and other animals they will learn to care for them the right way.

This is a man is so kind, generous and helps not only dogs but people too.  His philosopy comes through daily on his shows.  He has the positive attitude that is very endearing.  He loves his family and is kind to all who work for the greater good for all animals.  He is very respectgful with people, you can actually see his demeaner and the way he carries himself with great confience and self resepect, I really admire that in a person.

Daddy his right hand pit bull passed away a year ago and now Cesar has Junior who was trained by Daddy to be Cesar's right hand helper.  Cesar created "The D.E.A.R. Fund in Daddy's name so that we can make donations to rescue dogs in need from all over.

Cesar is patient, caring, and knowledgeable.  Cesar is by far the most generous animal caring person on the planet.  As the saying goes in the Hipocratic Oath in Medicine, the words,  "First Do No Harm" signifies what Cesar is all about. 

I adore Cesar Millan because even though I haven't had a dog for over 32 years, I still watched the show.  I started watching the show by mistake one day when I was feeling low and by the time the show was over, AI felt better, because he possess such a positive attitude in the words he says and in the way he carries himself and the way the dogs respond to him.. .

Now Cesar has  a 48 acre ranch in Santa Clarita called "The Philosophy Center, where the dogs go for a
vacation and fun and of course rehabilitation.  They roam free, play, swim and chase and rest.  I want to go there too..

I admire Cesar Millan so much.  I have seen him in person and his live shows are by far very informative with lots of laughs and much fun, and with wonderful lessons learned.  He is very patient with his audience while answering questions. 

Cesar is greatly loved WORLD WIDE, and has a very large following by dog lovers so it is wrong that just a few people are so misguided and probably confused with their own misconceptions.  You cannot see the show and feel that the dogs are abused.  His methodes are good and easy to follow.  The famous word he uses is "tsst" it is a word that his mother used to get his attention.  The "tsst" snaps the dog to stop what he is doing or if he is not paying attention.  It does snaps the dog to pay attention.  The pulling of the leash to the side helps the dog to stop fixating. 

I personally wouldnt mind being at the Philosophy Center myself if I received the trainging and kindness fthat he gives to all the dogs that must go there, it must be a party tijme for the dogs.

Cesar's Facebook account  received over 1 million fans in 5 days.  Let's make it 2 million by June, 2011.

Please sign in and let Cesar know how much he means to us.

Lastly, the shows are wonderful and educdationhal and easy to watch aned the kids like it tool.




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