Save the owls!

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Owls in North Vancouver are dying from secondary poisoning due to the use of black box rodenticides.

Rats and mice die a slow and painful death because of these poisons which can take anywhere from 3-10 days! A raptor can eat 1000s of rodents per year and is the most natural solution to the rodent problem. Help us by signing this petition to ask the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver to remove all rodenticides from publicly owned property including recreation centres, government buildings and parks.

Lucky, the Barred Owl featured in the photo, was rescued from Heywood Park due to rodenticide poisoning. This was his second poisoning in 3 weeks! He is recovering at O.W.L Rehab in Delta, B.C.

Although bait boxes with poisons are not supposed to be used in outdoor public spaces, hundreds of rat bait boxes have been found near the surrounding woods and park spaces across North Vancouver. This is primary habitat for owls & other wildlife. 

Despite what many people are told, and what is written on labels, no poison is safe. When rodents eat the poison bait, death can take several days before they die. During this time they become weakened from internal bleeding, which makes them easier prey for predators and in turn, poisons them. Many studies have been done and show that a wide variety of species contain traces of rodenticides, not just hawks and owls. Foxes, bobcats, cougars, coyotes, racoons, skunks, and even pet cats and dogs can contain traces. No animal is exempt. Even children have been made sick from ingesting the poison bait.

Poisons disrupt the natural food chain. When the predators in the area are killed, the rodents are then free to breed unchecked and their population can grow out of control. Any use of rodenticides is a danger to non-target wildlife, your pets, and your family.  

Step 1 of our mission, we ask that you please sign this petition and send an email asking the Mayor of The City of North Vancouver ( and the Mayor of the District of North Vancouver ( to remove all rodenticides from publicly owned property.

Step 2 we will be taking this petition to lobby the Provincial Government and ask for a province wide ban and/or allow for local governments to set their own bylaws.


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