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Drop ALL Charges Against Community Artist Tony Pedraza

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Local artist Tony Pedraza was arrested and charged with a felony for merely painting a utility box mural that he felt would enrich and beautify the city. 

As some of you may or may not be aware, The Utility Box Art Project was put underway by the City of Santa Ana a couple months back. Inviting the local community of artists to submit renderings for 7 available electrical boxes around downtown Santa Ana.

A highly anticipated contest and project for many local artists. Unfortunately for Tony a local muralist that has worked with many local organizations in the City such as The Grain Project, Grand Central Art Center and Q Art Salon this project has turned into a personal nightmare.

Tony and other local artists were not aware of the call for artists from the City for this pilot project and to be completely fair since this was the City’s first public art project for utility boxes the public outreach, project information and the details of this pilot have been somewhat limited. There is still no formal information on this project posted on the City’s website for anyone wondering why all these boxes are being painted around down town.

Tony became aware of the project as he witnessed other artists painting utility boxes around down town. Tony then decided to gift the community with his art and took it upon himself to paint one of the utility boxes with his own supplies without realizing that the City’s Graffiti Task Force would consider this a felony. He just thought he would be doing it for free since he was unaware of the call for artists and project requirements. 

Street art is a legitimate art form and is accepted in various cosmopolitan cities around the world like in NYC, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.  What Tony did was hand paint the wildly common Santa Ana parrots a City gem and symbol of pride along with other animals. A nature theme utility box mural. This was not graffiti or tagging. This was street art.

Now Tony faces up to a year in jail for making a piece of art that was done wholeheartedly with pride and love for his community. For those of us who are lucky enough to know Tony we know him to be a talented and promising young man. Full of intense passion, warmth and creative integrity.

Please join me in petitioning the City of Santa Ana to drop ALL charges against Tony and not waste our tax money in prosecuting a young man with a promising future in the arts. He could be our next Bansky!

Tony doesn’t deserve to end up in jail for his talent. It would be a shame for our City leaders not to act on this request. Lets build up our youth! Lets not destroy their life because they took the initiative in doing something positive for their community! It's Art! Art can connect and heal us all!

With love and art!

Alicia Rojas
Community Artist

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