Speaker Alex Tyler must resign or be impeached

Speaker Alex Tyler must resign or be impeached

May 13, 2016
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Why this petition matters

House speaker Alex Tyler must respectfully resign now or be impeached by members of the of Representatives for his endless act of facilitating corruption within the House of Representatives.

Why this call for his resignation.

This petition was influenced by the proven attitude and failure of Liberia House Speaker Alex Tyler to work in the Interest of the Liberian people who elected him to serve a district representative. He has induced himself to an executive puppet. Speaker Alex Tyler has been Speaker at the lower House since April 2007 to present.  Since and during this speakership Hon. Tyler has facilitated the signing process of unlawful concessions in Liberia- That concession agreements that are sign through bribes risk the future of the country. Under the Speaker leadership Liberians are unable to get easy access to the lower house and free flow of information. Currently the house of representative has no online resources or website that can enable Liberian understand the activities of these congress men and women.  The Liberian Legislature should be a house of Integrity. A lawmaker who belongs in the congress should stay committed and hardworking for the people and by the people.  Unfortunately, this is not happening. Speaker Tyler preferred to pocket monies secretly, instead of working for the benefit of all Liberian. We are asking speaker Alex Tyler to resign not only about Global Witness report that also included Senator Varney Sherman and others but for 5 key points that proofs his steady and extended involvement into corruption allegations, weak and unreliable leadership and conspiracy.

Not long ago Speaker Alex Tyler was fully linked to the mystery surrounding the death Atty. Michael Allison the Liberian lawyer who blew the whistle in the controversial US25,000 involving him and representative Adolph Lawrence… Hon. Alex Tyler name has been in the news for being full part of the bribery within the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL).  NOCAL official has pocket monies in exchange for the exploitation of Liberia's natural resources and Speaker Alex Tyler facilitated many of NOCAL’s well exposed acts of corruption instead of doing his job to protect Liberia. These allegations surfaced in Liberia not so long the NOCAL went bankrupt. Today Liberian do not know where the future of NOCAL Stands
 Between 2009 and 2011 sixty-eight (68) concession agreements was signed in Liberia. Among these agreements only six (6) comply with Liberian law and international best practices (LEITI 2013). During the signing process of these concessions agreement Liberians were not engage neither were they inform about the term and agreement of the various concessions agreement sign. Speaker Alex Tyler as the Speaker of the House had the ability to prevent the ratification of any concession agreement that does not support the interest of Liberians, but he fail to Prevent that.
Speaker Alex Tyler- is member of the ruling Unity Party (UP).  Serving as a speaker is a key speaker is conflict of interest. The outcome of his Leadership since 2007 to present has only benefited the interest of the President and his own pocket not Liberia. Hon. Alex Tyler being as speaker has proved to open an avenue for the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led Government to exploit the natural resources of Liberia through corruption.  
The lower house lead by speaker Tyler fail to fully to fully comply/cooperate with the freedom of information law signed in October 10, 2010. During his tenure Liberian and members of the press are struggling to access information with the lower house. Fronpageafrica (a reputable news organization in Liberia) was recently denied access record relating to the Salaries of Liberian Legislature despite several request made.  The lower house itself does not have full functional website, neither do Liberian know the activities and salaries of the law makers who have been pay by tax payers money.
Once again, on the 25th August 2010 Alex Tyler received $75,000 of over US$950,000 bribes paid by “Sable and Senator Varney Sherman in order to change Liberia’s laws and get their hands on one of Liberia’s most prized assets, the Wologizi Concession,” reported by Global Witness.
The speaker is not doing tangible good to help our struggling nation Liberia.  His corruption acts are destructive to Liberia’s economic growth, peace and security. As the people we given him chance to change- but he failed to desist from his has act. At this time, we see no reason to keep him as speaker of the house but more reason to ask him out.  Therefore, he must resign no later than 30th August 2016.

 The new speaker and House of representatives we want

After speaker Alex Tyler resignation, we are confident there are qualified districts Representatives with the lower House who has the ability to replace the outgoing speaker.  Our campaign is a non-partisan campaign and we have no affiliation and interest in no political party. We are group NGOs leaders headed by NRRI- and our work to use our social actions a to civil right to hold politicians accountable for their actions.

Therefore, we have no interest in any specific person who will become the next Speaker after Hon. Tyler resign the position. However, we specific demands we want to make in advance to enable the new speaker understand the type of leadership we expect within the house of representatives. For the past years Liberian has suffered marginalization, and lack of access to their representatives as result of poor dissemination of information and awareness. It has been very difficult contacting our law makers and getting updates on their activities. Therefore, we call these things under the new speaker:  

  • Create comprehensive and effective website for the House Representatives where Liberians can access live updates, current contacts detail of each law marker, calendar of event and record on all bill passed the law makers.
  • Ensure that Sherman and Sharman law firm license is suspended in the main time pending investigation in the corruption allegation; and if found guilty through the investigation the law firm must be closed down and band from operating within Liberia Prominently.  

Petition campaign host and members:

This petition is presented by the young people of Liberia hosted by Natural Resources Research Initiative (NRR) Liberia represented by Abel Williams Cheayan (President NRRI) and Youth For Progressive Action represented by Sekou Kalasco Damaro (Chairman-Youth for Progressive Action) Liberia.

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This petition had 72 supporters

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