Regarding proper accommodation to IITM's Research Scholar

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Dear Sir,

We, the research scholars of Indian Institute of Technology Madras(IITM), who have exceeded the official time limit for our research programme but about to complete our work in a few months, are now being forced to vacate our rooms and move to shared accommodations, according to a circular issued by Hostel Management Office, IIT Madras. We think that we will be facing a lot of issues once this decision is implemented. Some of them are listed as follows:

1. The students, who are nearing the end of their research programme (MS/PhD), already have to go through a lot of academic as well as mental pressure. This is the time, when scholars are usually occupied with finishing their experiments, compiling data, communicating the same to journals, writing thesis and also completing the official procedures including conducting seminar, synopsis and submitting the thesis. No doubt, sharing a new room and adapting to the timings of the fellow roommate will add to their stress.

2. The accommodations provided to the students are too small to be shared by two people.

3. Due to lack of awareness of mental health in the institute and the stressful life of a research scholar, the rate of depression among research scholars is already high, which contributes to the delay in the completion of their programme. This new decision will not help the students, who are fighting depression. It will fuel tension and the feeling of worthlessness instead.

And lastly, MS and PhD programmes are explicitly stated to be NOT bounded duration courses. So, a few months' delay in completion of work due to unavoidable circumstances (funding issues, unavailability of resources and instruments, change of advisor and topics, administrative complications and inconsistent guidance) should be considered legitimate. Research is a process involving scholars, their Advisors, technicians, ICSR staff etc, then why is only the scholar blamed for non performance?

So we are requesting you to kindly allow us to stay in the allotted room, which we have already adapted to for a smoother and faster completion of our degree requirements.