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Save Saint Lawrence Academy!

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Over the past few years, our school, Saint Lawrence Academy, has been struggling to sustain itself due to lack of funds. Recently, the Diocese of San Jose decided to close the school because we reached a deficit. We call for the Bay Area - and anyone else who wants to - to contribute in keeping our school alive. Because we have only 200+ students, we have a very tight-knit community. We understand we may not be much of an impact to anyone's lives who are not involved with Saint Lawrence Academy, but it is definitely an impact on our community. Actually, we're not a community; we're more of a family. We are a family that needs help. We are a family that requires the love and support of our neighbors, friends, family, and strangers alike. Every single member of this family are completely supportive of each other, and it is distressing and heartbreaking that it is falling apart. 

But you, the people of Bay Area and hopefully the world can prevent this tragic occurrence from taking place. 

Students who have been working day AND night to fulfill their academic roles are now devastated. Families who were so proud of their child of accomplishing their goals at this wonderful school are now shocked. Teachers who devoted most of their lives to their position at this prestigious school will be jobless. 

Our motto - our life slogan - is "Discover your voice." Now there is an obstacle standing in the way for all of us to discover our voice. 

So we call for help. We call for support. We call for everybody to help us discover our voice. 



Saint Lawrence Academy Student Body and Faculty

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