Harsher penalties for Youth Crimes in Broome, WA Australia

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Day after day, night after night, month after month, year after year, the Broome community is dealing with the product of traumatic assaults, burglaries, car theft, abuse, alcohol induced violence & animal cruelty in this visually beautiful town. But that is all it is. An aesthetic beauty, for the blanket of night shows us nothing but rampant crime and violence. 

Time after time the same excuses are thrown out for those accused; “It’s not their fault”,  ”they have bad upbringings”, “they’re under the influence”, and more realistically “they are too young to prosecute”. 

Whilst these excuses may seem to display empathy, the victims of these crimes continue to suffer because of it. 

The victims are the people who constantly put into this town. We keep the town running all year round. Do we deserve this treatment from the criminals or even worse the justice system? 

These secrets of Broome go unspoken publicly about, they’re brushed over by the media and painted with a ‘too hard’ brush. Broome’s economic security lies within a profitable tourist season, yet even this thriving boom in populace is beginning to feel the severity of the actions of many. With tourists either passing on stopping in Broome or cutting their stays shorter because of the out of control crime that happens here, it is abundantly clear that the secret is out. It can no longer be swept under the carpet, nor should it be. Affirmative action is necessary to create change. 

I speak out to the community for support, many of you have been victims to these crimes, many of you will even be in relation to these criminals.

I speak out to the MP’s of the Kimberley to highlight the issues in Broome and to support the voiceless.

Finally I speak out to the Department of Justice, I feel there is a missing link between the police work completed and the prosecutions in the court. 

I am a 3 time victim of crime in this beautiful town that I fell in love with 7 years ago. I’ve felt, seen and heard of the increase in crime in the last 3 years, and can only assume it’s because there is no acceptable deterrent in place for those committing the offences. 

The criminals have found a loop hole within the system. Many adult criminals use youth to carry the crime, knowing no charges can be laid due to the laws against juveniles. Many juveniles carry out crime as a learned behaviour from those bound to set examples. 

I cry out for amendments to the law. Amendments where we can isolate these perpetrators from each other. Maybe then, and only then, we may be able to support individuals before their life follows this dark path of crime and violence.

Let’s make some noise together.