Protect consumers—stop the Aetna and CVS merger

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CVS and Aetna’s merger is dangerous for consumers and has the potential to upend the healthcare system in the United States. 

Already people who use pharmacy’s other than CVS are having problems with claims. 

Monthly insurance premiums are rising and this deal isn’t likely to change that Trend, in fact it’s been reported CVS stands to make a $200 billion dollar profit if this merger goes through.

This merger would make Aetna and CVS a company capable of setting the cost for prescriptions without much competition. The deal also threatens the existence of smaller pharmacies across the country.

The only safeguard capable of protecting the American people from this disastrous monopoly is the US Department of Justice— Antitrust Division. They have a responsibility to make certain deals of this sort don’t proceed if they will harm Americans.

Please sign to stop this awful merger.