NHS Bursary for Scottish Paramedic Students

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Across Scotland student nurses and midwives receive an annual bursary via SAAS that was previously £5000-£8000 depending on the individual. However in 2020/21 this is being increased to £10,000 per year. This is because 50% of their course is placement work, where they work shifts night and day, equal to that of a fully qualified nurse of midwife. The bursary helps students to cover the cost of travel to and from placements, rent, food, and any other general expenses. Balancing unpaid shift work, intense coursework and studying makes finding time to work, or having the time to work, near impossible.

The Paramedic Science course is also 50% placement work. Where students work shifts, day and night, equal to that of a fully qualified paramedic. It seems incredibly unfair that although the nurse/midwives course and the paramedic science course are structurally almost identical, With Paramedic students facing the same financial struggles as nursing/midwifery students, that paramedic students in Scotland are only eligible for a maximum of £1000 if they are an independent student, and £2000 if they are a young student. These bursaries are also income assessed so many students aren’t eligible and receive less than this or nothing at all. This forces many paramedic students to take interest repayable loans to survive.

A paramedic is considered a medical professional, who is required to undergo a similar training as nurses but yet we are not supported in the same way, how is this equality in supporting the clinicians who we rely upon in our hour of need?

We are asking the Scottish Government to create a bursary for Student Paramedics that is equal to the one already in place for Nursing and Midwifery students.

The Scottish Ambulance Service has publicly reported they are severely understaffed. This bursary will help many more people answer the call for help.

Create a Student Paramedic bursary. Help us learn to save lives.