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Harsher punishments for those who abuse animals

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A solicitor, Katy Gammon, tied up her pet Boxer, Roxy, and left her for a week. 
She had no food or water or access.
Miss Gammon came home and did not enter her kitchen due to the horrid smell of what was her starved dog. Eventaully, 10 weeks later, Roxy was found due to 'complaints of flies'. 
RSPCA inspectors had to scrape poor Roxy of the floor with a shovel, as after 10 weeks her body was decomposing on the kitchen floor. She had been starved to death. 
After Katy Gammon came home after that week, she continued going about her day-to-day life, whilst her pet slowly and painfully perished in her own home. Roxy had scratched and clawed at the door frantically before her death, which would have taken around 6 days.

On the 9th of April 2014 Katy Gammon was sentenced for 18 weeks in prison.
This is not good enough!

She STARVED her pet and she knew it was happening. She had conciously and actively played the sole part in Roxy's awful death. If Katy Gammon had done any of what she did to Roxy to a fellow human being, her sentence would have been much worse. 

Just because she starved an animal of another species than her own does not make it 'slighlty better' than to be cruel to a human. Roxy would have felt the unthinkable agony of starvation and slow death that a human would have. The sentences for these such crimes must be harsher and create more of an impact. When people torture or murder fellow humans, they face LIFE imprisonment. In 18 weeks, Katy Gammon could do the same again, what's REALLY there to stop her? If she was desperate for another dog, i'm sure she'd find a way of getting one, especially when there are websites such as where animals are sold and given around like pieces of furniture. 
To her, she would have only lost 18 weeks. When she comes out of prison it needs to be clear that when you hurt an animal, you will be punished. When you kill an animal needlessly, and put it through torture, you will loose a lot of time out of your own life, not just 18 weeks.

Punishments for those who commit cruelty to animals, whether their own pet or not, need to be harsher, if not the same then at least similar to what one would recieve if they had killed or tortured a human. 

It's as simple as that. 

The way in which the law goes about these cases will only change if we, all together, show that we won't tolerate it. We won't allow people to 'get off easy' for tortuting an animal.

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