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The Death of Bear-Bear

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Bear-Bear a 3 year old  Siberian husky was shot and killed by a FEDERAL POLICE OFFICER at an Anne Arundel County dog park on Monday August 2 2010 around 6:30PM.

Stunned dog owners and residents of a Severn neighborhood are shocked that authorities won't be charging a federal police officer who shot and killed a Siberian husky on the evening of Monday August 2 2010 at a community dog park.

Bear-Bear, a brown and white husky that was about 3 years old, was playing in the Quail Run dog park at about 6:30 p.m., running off leash inside the fenced-in area, when the officer and his wife arrived with a German shepherd, who was kept on a leash. When the dogs began to play roughly, the federal officer asked Bear-Bear's guardian, his owner's brother, to call off the dog.

Before he could do anything, the officer pulled out a gun and shot Bear-Bear, according to the husky's owner.

Bear-Bear, who belongs to Rachel Rettaliala, died of his injuries a few hours later.

Bear-Bear, an alumna of Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue, was shot and killed by a federal officer, even though there was no evidence that the officer believed Bear was going to hurt his dog. He also did not allow Bear's handler even a few seconds to call Bear back from play.

The police refuse to release the name of the officer who did *illegally* discharge his weapon.

This is outrageous behavior for an off duty officer and he MUST be disciplined for his actions.

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