The Danish Government: Please protect Danish Wolves

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The Danish Government: Please protect Danish Wolves

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Wildlife Worldwide started this petition to The Parliament The Danish Government and

For the first time in almost two hundred years, Denmark has wolves.
They have crossed the border from Germany.

The wolves are a gift for the Danish nature where the largest predators for many years have been the badger. Therefore, Denmark has been a paradise for hunters - both professional and amateur hunters.

Denmark is a country rich in deer so there is plenty of food for wolves.

Minister for the Environment is excited and trying to remove myths and instead get people to accept and respect the wolf.

Unfortunately, she is quite alone in the excitement of the wolf is back. Many politicians don’t want it and many Danes believe more on myths/fairy tales than realities.

A local politician and hunter has started an anti-wolf petition and by using scare campaign he has received over 3000 signatures.
Fact is that it is very rare that a wolf has attacked a man while man has been subjected to more attacks from dogs with the wrong owners.
There have been some attacks on sheep but sheep farmers receive compensation for loss.

It’s the sheep farmer's duty to take care of his animals by fencing or dogs.
The wolves are protected by EU directive but in special cases, the wolves can be shot.
Do not let the wolf haters and myths win.

Please sign this petition and support the Danish wolves.

Thank you very much


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This petition had 5,234 supporters

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