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Have Dan Carlin as a guest on your shows

Dan Carlin is one of the most interesting Members of the "New Media" around today. From his Website:

"Common Sense with Dan Carlin" is a blend of audio commentary and news analysis by one of the leading thinkers among today's politically independent crowd. Author, reporter and talk show host Dan Carlin takes a look at the issues in the news through the prism of his traditional American "forward-thinking pragmatism" while pushing a fiscally conservative, socially liberal approach to solving problems. Whether he's railing against the "Fat Police", explaining the existence of "The Chicken Little Gene" or continually bringing up historical events no one has ever heard of, Carlin manages to be entertaining and informative in a uniquely non-partisan way. His style has been compared to Seinfeld's George Costanza on steroids. Whether that's true or not, he does often talk really fast. You'll have to keep up.

He has already been interviewed by the Young Turks ( and did a great job of explaining his perspective. He will definately draw in a great deal of viewers. Besides "Common Sense", he also is the Host of the "Hardcore History" Podcast, one of the most popular history podcasts on he internet.


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