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The Daily Beast: fire journalist Nico Hines!

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The following italicized text is from NewNowNext:

The Daily Beast’s Nico Hines is facing heavy criticism today after publishing an article that attempted to out a number of closeted LGBT athletes competing in Rio.

Noting reports of increased sexual activity and even sex parties in the Olympic village, Hines described downloading Grindr to lure LGBT athletes to him under the promise of having sex, so that he could “report” about their Grindr usage.

Instead, he “potentially identified closeted athletes – including at least one from a country where gay sex is a crime,” Pink News reports.

Hines claimed within the article that he “didn’t lie” to anyone he’d talked to, though he withheld the fact that he is straight and married with a child.

Calling the piece a ” dangerous disaster” and “wildly unethical train wreck,” Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern outlined the potentially violent repercussions of Hines’ actions.

Wrote Stern:

The offensive purpose of Hines’ article is really the least of its problems. Far worse is the actual damage it will likely cause to real, live human beings—inevitable consequences that Hines blithely ignored. Several athletes who are closeted at home (and possibly to their own teammates) will wake up on Thursday morning to the news that the Daily Beast has outed them. Their teammates could ostracize and alienate them; their families could disown them; their countries could imprison them. And for what? A homophobic article about how a straight guy conned gay Olympians from anti-gay countries into hitting on him through Grindr?
The post, which we will not link to here, was heavily edited in response to outrage on Twitter. Originally titled “I got three Grindr dates in an Hour in the Olympic Village,” it now bears the headline “The Other Olympic Sport in Rio: Swiping.”

Refusing to take responsibility for the potentially violent repercussions of Hines’ article, The Daily Beast Editor John Avlon said he was “sorry for any upset the original version of this piece inspired.”

“There was some concern that the original version of this story might out gay male athletes, even by implication, or compromise their safety,” Avlon wrote, noting that “all descriptions of the men and women’s profiles” were removed from the article.

We, the LGBTQ community and its allies, demand that The Daily Beast should terminate Nico Hines' employment due to his utter lack of respect for peoples' privacy and for endangering the lives of members of a vulnerable minority group. Shame on you, Nico Hines, and shame on The Daily Beast!

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