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Renew the show "Nikita" for a third season

"Nikita" is one of the best shows on television right now, and deserves more time to find an audience. It's already doing well overseas because of star Maggie Q's international appeal.
"Nikita" has fast-paced, compelling storylines with great twists around every corner. It features some of the best action set pieces on television, with Maggie Q doing her own stunts and movie-quality production values. On top of that, the show has layered characters played by an excellent cast that pulls off the emotion just as well as the action. The mentorship/friendship between Alex and Nikita and the love between Nikita and Michael give the show a lot of heart, and there are powerful, intimidating villains like Percy and Amanda around for the heroes to contend with. Supporting characters like bad-ass ex-Guardian Owen, former CIA analyst Ryan or the villainous Senator Madeline Pierce add a lot to the mix as well. There's so much garbage on television that when a terrific show like "Nikita" comes along, firing on every possible cylinder, it really deserves a decent run. This show already has a loyal fan base, and it's only growing. Don't let us down by cancelling it so early.

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