Stop killing so many black characters on the Vampire Diaries

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Blacks are only 12% of the US population, but you would not know that from watching the Vampire Diaries.  One would assume that blacks would be the majority of characters in the show, compared to the rate at which black characters are killed.  For example, the show that aired on 5/8/14 (Promised Land), killed 3 characters: 2 black and 1 white.  Not only was both black characters killed violently, the female black character was also tortured after death by being thrown into the sky.  Killing a large percentage of black characters has become quite common on the last 2 seasons of The Vampire Diaries.  This makes the show quite look very hostile to black viewers.  I would rather watch a show that had ALL white major characters, such as The Good Wife, that treats the black guest cast characters with RESPECT, rather than having Julie Plec INSERT black characters only into the script to have them die.  Shame on you Julie Plec!  I thought the killing black characters became passe in the 1950s.  Obviously, you have not heard of civil rights, respect or the fact that slavery ended.  You might be an isolated person who does not have any black friends and therefore does not know how to act around black people.  Let me tell you this, the killing of too many blacks on The Vampire Diaries and the cancelled Tomorrow People does REALLY STAND OUT.   It is so obvious that you kill a lot of black characters.  The question is WHY????

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