We Want A Black Siren Redemption And Her Backstory ( Evil Isn't Born It's Made )

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Laurel Lance Has Been The Most Hated Character On Arrow For 6 Seasons And Katie Cassidy Had Suffered Lot's Of Hate .... Sometimes It Forced Katie To Close Her Instragram Photos Comments Sections 

They Killed Her Off To One Reason She Was A Treat To Olicity and That's Not True .... Laurel Was A Fangirl Of Olicity .... Go And Watch Season 4 And See For Yourself

They Killed Her For Fan Service And When They Did ..... Fans Were Angry And Didn't Want To Keep Watching This Toxic Writers Who Puts So Much Hate To Katie

When I Heard Katie wAs coming back in season 5 .... I wasn't glad I mean don't get me wrong I love katie but returning to arrow ..... ahhh didn't like it she was disrepecred by so many people including Stephen amell when be said it had to happen for the show I mean seriously is that how you speak about a friend 

But I still kept watching arrow because I stayed loyal and at the end of season 5 I said to myself this laurel Earth is Amazing She Appeared To Me As A Villian but really she isn't 



This season I loved everything about black siren all her scenes were amazing done by katie but her fight scenes looks so fake and it angers me you can see when she is in heavy scenes you can see her stunt double faces and editing her made me realise how much arrow really pisses me off I mean other characters have stunts but they never do clossups and don't relise the character is a stunt double its like they wanna show me that's it's all fake .... katie loved her scenes and she wanted to do alot of them but was denied with good reason .... people still find her weak not just as the character bit as the actress since she is shown how much her scenes looks so fake that isn't katie caasidy fault its the writers.and editors that their mission is to gain more olicity fans and more laurel haters


Last statement of character..... the amount of shade is the worst .... Arrow please stop attacking a dead character seriously in 618 The Laurel Earth 1 Cameo was amazing but the amount of shade ahhhh she wasn't fit to fight the streets come on mark .... stop oliciting it ... Laurel was trained by nyssa and wild dog ..... oliver didn't even teach her.... he denied her training request and found another way and also she wasn't weak she died because she was up against someone with dark magic any one would be dead ... and giving laurel shade with katie cassidy is the worst ... Black Siren keeps saying thats laurel was fragile and weak and That's why she is dead I can't even imagine how hard is that for katie because she is not pleased with it 

Now final statement  black siren redemption is coming and we need more we need her backstory .... we need to see dinah laurel lance mother in earth two . Quintin is dead in black siren world so that's might what have triggered for laurel mom to became the canary ..... the comics laurel mom was the black canary and when she lost Quentin she became this hero out of grieve the same way when laurel lost oliver she became black siren they can finally do katie cassidy justice and the comics Justice also I just wanna say ...... I Hope At Season 7 She Becomes The Black Canary .... I Have Nothing Against Dinah Drake But Black siren should wear it ...... and please olicity fans I never gave you dirt about your ship I mean I have tolerated it for seven years even though the ship was totally out of place and replaced lauriver qoutes to olicity ... find out rewatch season 1 and season 4 and you find the.stolen words  .... I do not want any kind of hate from olicity fans I love and respect you all but I have a limit if you are an olicity fan and you start hating on laurel I might tolerate it I did it for years because we have opinions but if you come and attack the actress than it's not okay please I have never been mean to you olicity shippers I am lauriver shipper since the start and will always will be bjt I am the kind of fan that's doesn't hate on other couples like olicity do lauriver , like supercop fans do on Karamel Fans , Like Snowbarry Do On Westallen 

It makes me mad because I ship supercop and karamel but my otp have to be karamel but it makes it hard for me to ship supercop after all the hate fans gives them and I love snowbarry there are my otp but they give westallen to much hate and westallen fans don't deserve it I speak the truth my otp lauriver and karamel gets too much hate and then My otp from the flash gives hate to westallen and it made me stop watching both the flash and supergirl I stopped arroubd episode 6 of the season same I did mean with arrow but I binch watched 15 episodes in one night Out Of Respect To Laurel and it didn't disappoint me 

Now go to the c.w website and click contact us and you state your name and email and the message you want cw to read from you write the message that you want a redemption arc for her and for katie Cassidy to be respected at least for one reason 

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