Investigate the law enforcement killing of David Hooks as a felony murder

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Investigate the law enforcement killing of David Hooks as a felony murder

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Tom McCain started this petition to The currently impaneled Grand Jury of Laurens County, Georgia


The Killing of David Hooks

The 15th of June is the 800th Anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, one of the primary documents used by our Founding Fathers as the basis for our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  On that historic and auspicious date, at noon, a group of concerned Georgia citizens will hold a press conference and rally prior to filing a petition with the Laurens County Clerk of Courts, directed to the Foreperson of the Grand Jury, pleading that the death of David Hooks be investigated as a Felony Murder.

All media outlets are invited and encouraged to attend this event, as is every concerned citizen.  Among the speakers will be Elder Charles Sumblin, a long time Civil Rights Activist, Former Police Chief and Judge Paul Nally, Candidate for U.S. Senate Derrick Grayson and Catherine Bernard, Founder of Spartacus Legal Foundation. 

This is not a group of lunatics, presenting some half-baked theory.  We are not rioting as in Baltimore and Ferguson.  We are not burning and looting.  We are a coalition of former law enforcement officers, former military personnel, attorneys and interns, candidates for public office, old Freedom Fighters and Wounded Warriors, republicans, democrats, black, white, young, old, from every social strata.  We have gathered signatures for this petition from all over the United States.  We have the expertise, experience and just plain ol’ common sense to call this what it is and ask for an accounting.

Too often our police have just been "given passes" by Grand Juries, mostly because of the way a State's Prosecutor (DA, ADA, etc.) presents the case, but also because of the Grand Jury’s ignorance of their awesome duty, or their lack of understanding the powers they have to perform that duty. The Grand Jury normally "stops" investigating when the prosecutor “stops” presenting.  The Grand Jury has much more power than that.  Indeed, they have a DUTY to demand any information they may think pertinent to a presentment.

**************************** Grand Jury Oath of Office *******************************
“You, as foreperson [or member] of the grand jury for the county of _____________________, shall diligently inquire and true presentment make of all such matters and things as shall be given you in the court’s charge or shall come to your knowledge touching the present service; and you shall keep the deliberations of the grand jury secret unless called upon to give evidence thereof in some court of law in this State. You shall present no one from envy, hatred, or malice, nor shall you leave anyone unpresented from fear, favor, affection, reward, or the hope thereof, but you shall present all things truly and as they come to your knowledge. So help you God.”

Let’s examine that oath a bit;
"diligently inquire and true presentment make of all such matters and things as shall be given you in the court’s charge or shall come to your knowledge touching the present service;"  A Grand Jury is under no obligation to cease its inquiry simply because the Prosecutor completes his presentment.  “OR shall come to your knowledge touching the present service”.  If you have knowledge of information that was not presented by the prosecutor, you should demand that it be looked into.

"You shall present no one from envy, hatred, or malice, nor shall you leave anyone unpresented from fear, favor, affection, reward, or the hope thereof."  Many in Laurens County fear the Sheriff.  That's a fact, and apparently an understandable one.  As to favor, affection, reward or hope thereof I cannot judge their hearts.  Only they themselves and the good Lord, whose name they use in their Oath, can judge that.

Following is an example of what WE fear, and I hope that each Laurens County Grand Juror will remember that NOT ONE INDIVIDUAL INVOLVED IN THE DAVID HOOKS FIASCO HAS PUBLICLY EXPRESSED ANY KIND OF REGRET OR REMORSE.

Since peace officers and public officials have the right by law to receive notice and present evidence to a Grand Jury in which an indictment is sought against them, I'm sure that, if they choose to exercise that right, there will be a show of tears and sadness as they try to drag their asses out of the sling Sheriff Bill Harrell has put them in. However, they will be the tears of the crocodile, or perhaps the school bully trying to escape punishment. 


Sheriff Harrell caused the death of an innocent man when he led, yes LED, that raid team.  David Hooks will ALWAYS stand innocent in the eyes of the law.  He cannot be prosecuted.  He is no longer with us.  Even had he survived, he would have been innocent, for there would have been no charges, as they did not find any contraband described in the warrant.

Sheriff Harrell and his deputies went to David's home with a search warrant based on dubious and incomplete evidence, largely provided to them by the very man who had burglarized David and Teresa Hooks’ property the night before David was killed.  They did not exercise any due diligence in independently corroborating their witness’ statement.  They omitted the fact that “a prior narcotics investigation”, in which David’s name allegedly was mentioned, happened several years ago and that no charges were ever filed against him.

 Armed with that Search Warrant, signed by a “hood-winked” Magistrate, they crept up on the residence.  They did not approach the front door, ring the bell and give verbal notice of who they were, as required by OCGA 17-5-27, and as would gentlemen at the unreasonable hour of 10:50 p.m.

Instead, they drove up a ¾ mile long driveway, using not even headlights, much less emergency lights, and approached the BACK door, dressed in camouflage and wearing hoods, as would thieves (or perhaps, heaven forbid, burglars). 

While they will claim they made a "good faith effort" at giving verbal notice as required in OCGA 17-5-27, the silent manner in which they approached the house belies any good faith at all.  When they kicked that BACK door in the only thing David could have assumed, the only thing any reasonable person who had been burglarized the night before WOULD have assumed, was that his home was being invaded.

They went to David's residence "prepared" to kill, as evidenced by their camouflage, masks, military gear and the presence of an ambulance standing by.  Were they “expecting” to kill?

David Hooks, in the process of exercising his "RIGHT" under OCGA 16-3-23 to defend his "castle", was gunned down; hardheartedly, callously, and in our minds, criminally.

David’s grieving, still-in-shock wife was then essentially kidnapped and falsely imprisoned when she was cuffed to a chair, in a state of near undress, and left there while her husband’s killers milled around her home.

These officers acted as THUGS would act, as a GOON SQUAD would act; certainly not as men and women who believed in The Peoples' Rights, or in simple human decency for that matter.  Therefore they should be indicted as the thugs and goons they are.

Special Prosecutor Chuck Spahos will present this case to the Laurens County Grand Jury on June 18th.  It is our fervent desire and plea that this Grand Jury use the intelligence and common sense that God has given them in the exercise of every power they are armed with, and that they seek the whole truth underlying this gross miscarriage of justice.

This petition may be signed by any person of legal (voting) age in the United States.  We welcome your voice.

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