The current destructive game glitches needs to be corrected!!

The current destructive game glitches needs to be corrected!!

October 12, 2022
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Started by Tyler Fabre

Dear People Fun / WS Developer Community:

RE: Wordscapes game status

We have a problem. As Wordscapes Team Leaders, we are finding it impossibly difficult and challenging to work with the current format. There are serious issues that need your immediate attention and resolution. Our leaders represent serious, longstanding players in this petition to find solutions for the issues herewith. Your recent updates have also created more glitches:

1. The Wordscapes app randomly kicks players off their teams.
There are some reports of leaders being booted. This is a serious issue since leaders cannot let themselves back onto their own teams. It requires them to start another team and hope everyone follows. Teams can be destroyed by that. 

Leaders are forced to resort to other forums to ensure communication with their team on Discord, Slack, Facebook, etc. As some members do not wish to join those forums, their only communication is through Wordscapes Chat. Once they are randomly "kicked", they have no way to petition to get back onto their team. Creating a presence on other forums also distracts players from staying within the Wordscapes game.

The Wordscapes app visually shows a missing teammate on the team roster, even as they are "kicked" out. A leader has to "discover" that a teammate may no longer be present. Their presence on the roster has to be deleted and reapproved to get back onto a team. This creates undue stress, worry and pressure for valued teammates who may not have a way to find their way back. 

2. The app will not open for some and/or the app repeatedly closes ... so they cannot play!

3. The online counter for teammate presence no longer functions and often shows zero online.
It is helpful to know how many are present so announcements can be timed to reach as many as possible.

4. For teammates who update to the current "Build" only the first line of text is visible in each chat bubble. The rest of the bubble message is missing.

5. The Wordscapes chat stream no longer updates instantly ... chat stream buffer latency varies by 30 seconds to minutes, making pertinent sharing of information haphazard/awkward.
6. Help requests are challenging to receive, to see, and to fill ... some disappear entirely.

7. Wordscapes "new team member" welcome announcement is sporadic ... a leader has to inform the team of a new arrival ... or the team has to "discover" someone has arrived.

We are sure your goal is to provide a great user experience to keep members engaged, continuing to play and using your services for acquiring more hints/bees/rockets, et al. These issues can hurt your bottom line, credibility your users, and harm the advertiser community that supports you.

Currently, there are members who have left or are considering leaving the game entirely due to their frustrating experience and inability to play. Please consider taking a serious and immediate approach to these issues.

We wish to to continue our gaming experience with the Wordscapes app / People Fun offering and not having teammates forced to look elsewhere. Our goal is to keep our teammates entertained, engaged and to have a fun experience. Please make this easy for us. We appreciate your interest in finding solutions to these issues as quickly as possible.

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Signatures: 472Next Goal: 500
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