Make it illegal in all 50 states for cops to have sex with people they’ve detained.

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It is legal in 35 states (there are no laws specifically outlawing) police to have sex with people they’ve detained. This is rape as many people who have been arrested are threatened with violence, harm to family, or a longer sentence in jail. Cops are in a position of power over detainees and that automatically  should be considered rape. Please let the state legislatures see this. Many people are who arrested are innocent, but as long as they are in the hands of the police they are targets for rape and sexual assault. 
Don’t subject yourself to the system. Don’t allow the government to persuade you that this country has no flaws. THIS IS AN ISSUE. The police need to their power taken away. They are allowed to kill innocent people, allowed to be outwardly racist towards black and brown people, and now rape people they have in custody? That’s disgusting. Don’t let this go on any longer. We live in a democracy. SHOW THEM WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE. Please sign this petition. If you have any further questions, please reach out to me by email: