Victims matter.

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The Criminal Code should apply to professionals as much as the Criminal Law applies to citizens. Judicial Independence is unfair and wrong!

 If a Teacher, Lawyer, Police Officer or any professional who commits a crime or aids a criminal, that professional should be charged under the Criminal Code.

 Administrators of Canada's professions must be required to protect victims, stop exposing victims to criminals, and immediately report criminal conduct of professionals to police authorities.

Convicted Criminal Mass Killer
The mass killer, Gabriel Wortman, was well known to the RCMP in Nova Scotia for his criminal record. Clearly our Justice System needs to be reviewed and repaired for the safety of victims. Our most vulnerable and front line workers have been ignored in Nursing Homes and the front line Police Forces. 

Nursing Homes
29 homicides have occurred in 6 years. Workers face violence regularly. 

Children's Aid / Foster Care 
Thousands of suspicious deaths of children have occurred in Foster Care.

This site has been canceled ...........Law Society of Upper Canada
Multiple Convicted Criminals allowed to be Lawyers.

This is another example that allows convicted criminals to be lawyers. 

College of Nurses of Ontario 
Elizabeth Wettlaufer murdered 8 people in her duties as a nurse. 

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
Unacceptable Conduct treated as unprofessional rather then criminal conduct.

Justices of the Peace Review Council
Cases dismissed, no review by human rights tribunal or the Police.

Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Video of Beating of animals not enough for Criminal Charges (Criminal Code (445.1 (1) (a) ),