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The CWA Local 1080 covers more than 350 public employees in Union County, New Jersey. We are tasked with providing assistance to hundreds of clients that are in need each day. We meet their needs and oftentimes work beyond our breaks and normal work schedules to keep up with the volume of clients.

Despite our tireless efforts, our employer, the County of Union, NJ has failed to meet our needs by ratifying our contract. Our last contract expired in June 2013 and we are in our current contract period which ends June 2016. Union County took a year to begin negotiations and almost two years later negotiations are still at an impasse. This treatment is unmerited and it is time for Union County to give the members of CWA Local 1080 what they are due.

  • We have not received raises. Other Human Service agencies within New Jersey continue to receive them.
  • In 2009, Union County made a huge payroll error and withheld two weeks of our pay due to “miscalculations.” As of today, this error has not been corrected for those hired before 2010. The 1st week of pay that we will receive will be from our 2009 salary. We are being asked to wait until January 2017, or when we quit, retire or die to get the 2nd week owed from 2009. The County continues to earn interest from OUR funds that they withheld. Why should we be penalized when they have mishandled funds?
  • In May 2012, several CWA members were being laid off due to "budget revisions." CWA members donated several hundreds of hours of leave time to assist with keeping our fellow members employed. The day after our members made this commitment, Union County mysteriously found finances to retain the employees. To date, Union County has not returned any of the furlough days.
  • Union County desires to go to a semi-monthly pay schedule on the 15th & 30th of each month. Employees would have to go from December 18, 2015 through January 15, 2016 without pay! The County wants to give us 1 week of the 2009 pay that they owe us on January 1, 2016. Those that they do not owe will receive one week of their current pay. No adequate explanation has been given as to why the 1st & 15th is not an acceptable pay schedule. This would help us navigate the holiday/winter season with our regular income.
  • Parking at our Elizabeth office is grossly inadequate for workers. Our  agency needs, and the County intends, to hire more workers; but there is not enough parking for the current staff. We are interrupting interviews and phone calls with clients, or leaving other work to feed parking meters to avoid being ticketed-which is our personal expense. During inclement weather, this problem is multiplied as nearby residents mark their parking spaces with garbage cans, chairs, cones, etc. and have become upset, and in some instances, confrontational with employees that have to park on the street. During negotiations we were told to carpool or take public transportation and no assistance would be offered for commuting expenses.

With another contract year about to end in 2016, we will be back at negotiations again in a few months. The Union County Freeholders, the Union County Manager, and the Director of Human Services would not and do not work under these conditions. In spite of our treatment, we continue to service our Union County clients according to their needs and do our jobs well.  We expect Union County to meet our needs by providing adequate compensation and the necessary amenities that enable us to continue doing our jobs.

Join us in demanding a fair contract for CWA Local 1080 members! 

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