Close Albion road at Lester road to stop through traffic in our residential area

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This petition is for anyone living on Albion road between Bank Street and Lester road.  Around 10 years ago, Albion was opened to allow traffic to flow from Bank Street to Lester for growing communities like Findlay Creek.  This change has caused traffic to go from only residential vehicles, to anyone trying to get to the race track, the outlining communities, or people heading further south.  Construction trucks, vehicles with loud mufflers, racing motorcycles, or drink drivers have been making our residential area unsafe.  Between the noise generated or fear that any time you cross the road, someone might not make the stop residence are demanding something be done.  Ever since Albion road was opened up, residence have been requesting change but the local council has trouble navigating the bureaucracy and comes up with excuses that it takes time and research needs to be done to approve the request.  You've had a decade to listen to us and gather your data but we've had enough.

Yesterday, May 29th 2018 at around 4 pm, the was a 3 car collision at the corner of Albion road and Wyldewood street which looked to be caused by a drink driver who only had his g1 license.  

Just moments before, my family and I were getting ready to go for a bike ride where we were going to cross Albion road and be directly in the middle of the accident.  Thank God we were only minutes late and that no one was hurt in the accident, but that was the last straw.  There are accident at that stop several times a year and it isn't enough for the city or authorities to step up and make a change.

This is why I'm starting the petition.  I'm hoping to get everyone who lives off of Albion road, as well as all those living off side streets who are affected by the high volume of dangerous drivers and loud ones who could be deterred from entering our residential area simply by blocking the exit from Albion road at Lester road, forcing everyone to stay on Bank Street.

I am certain that any one living in the area, will gladly take the detour which is a small price to pay to make the roads safe again for our children and families.

Thank you,

Alexander Riccio

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