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Vote NO on the sale of the Corcoran building.

Please sign this petition to save The Corcoran Gallery of Art, a National Historic Landmark that is under threat of being sold to the highest bidder. The Corcoran, one of America’s oldest museums, is home to a priceless and world-renowned collection of American art. It also houses the Corcoran College of Art & Design, a leading institution of higher learning for artists since 1890. The Corcoran’s proximity to official Washington, DC, has placed it at the center of artistic and cultural discourse for generations, but this rich legacy is at risk because of decisions that have been made without any input from the artists, students, faculty, donors and other stakeholders that give the institution its vitality. Sign this petition to halt this misguided effort to sell the Corcoran. Join us and demand an open and honest dialogue about the future of this priceless institution.

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