We demand a Conservative & Brexit Party Leave Alliance

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17.4m British people voted to leave the corrupt European Union more than three years ago.

We've been betrayed at every turn, and we've had to fight for our vote constantly against entrenched pro-EU elites: a biased Electoral Commission, a judiciary which constantly sides with the Establishment, and a Speaker who did everything in his power to undermine Brexit.

But on December 12, we still have a shot at winning what we voted for in June 2016. Either we get a Conservative-led majority with Brexit Party support which delivers Brexit, or we get a rainbow coalition that would overturn our referendum vote and break up our Union.

The refusal of the Tories and the Brexit Party to do a deal puts our future as a nation at risk. 

We demand a deal, giving Boris a clean run at the major Tory-Labour marginals while the Conservatives step aside for Nigel in the Labour heartlands.

A split Leave vote puts true Brexiteers at risk. New polling shows John Redwood could lose his seat in Wokingham to ultra-Remainer Phillip Lee thanks to a split Leave vote. We must not let that happen.

Leave.EU will be providing strategic voting advice after November 14, but we continue to urge a proper deal. Get it done!