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Change the Handicapped Parking Sign.

We are calling on lawmakers to update accessibility statutes and regulations to incorporate the new Accessibility Icon and eliminate the word “handicapped” and replace it with “reserved” for parking spaces. This can be done in a budget-neutral manner by applying the change only to new installations and signs that need replacement.

BACKGROUND: More than 45 years after it was first created, the international symbol for access has gotten a needed update. The new symbol suggests independence and engagement and focuses on the person, not the wheelchair. The new symbol is universally viewed as a more positive depiction of a person who has accessibility needs.

Even more outdated is the term “handicapped.” Today, the word is strongly associated with pity, charity, and helplessness. No one with an accessibility need wants to be thought of as “handicapped”.

WHO THIS AFFECTS: People who have accessibility needs vary widely and include people who have temporary injuries or certain illnesses (e.g., a heart condition). It includes people who are frail, parents of kids with physical limitations and adults with physical challenges. It also includes accident survivors, crime victims and injured combat soldiers.

CONCLUSION: Most people don’t exceed the expectations that society puts on them. That’s why it’s such a big story when someone does. Yet everybody wants to be seen as capable, confident and independent. This issue is not about changing a sign. It is about changing expectations. It’s not about changing the community for a few of us. It is about improving the community for all of us.

It’s time to rethink (dis) ability!



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