Potholes free India & ISI mark roads for safety (guarantee)

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Dear All,

My name is Vishal Raghav, I daily commute around 120 Km from Khurja to Greater Noida.Even most of us do daily commute on an average 80 Km for work or something else in all parts of our country.

Maximum of our time will waste in daily commute due to bad road conditions.Not only we waste our precious time also our vehicle slowly damage in these conditions.

apart from that, there is several road accidents happen due to these type of roads.and the possibility of road rage also increases as people who commute on these roads become very frustrated. 

1- Do we ever want to know why we citizens of India don't deserve better roads? 

2- Why roads get damaged just the very next day of its setup.?why there is no guarantee of roads or standard for roads when it is directly related to life?

3- why potholes not even covered after several months or years.


Dear Ministers not all of us have big SUV's nor we all live in posh colonies.

but all of us will pay the tax when we buy a car, petrol, house or any other car accessories.

we also pay income tax and deserve better roads. 

So kindly take notice on this and minimum first start covering the potholes and then give us the roads which we deserve.

and define some timeline to cover these potholes.


Dear citizens, please don't be silent on this.come forward and sign this petition so that our ministers will take notice on this.




Vishal raghav