Allow Kamei to continue working with the students despite her physical description of a Pitbull type.

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Kamei has been working with the children diagnosed with Autism at thier school. The students were learning to tolerate the presence of a dog, feed a dog or family pet, appropriate interactions, and walking a dog. Kamei also serves as reinforcement for students who especially enjoy her company! One parent withdrew her previous consent for her child to participate in the canine therapy program at the school solely due to her breed. This parent is now trying to end the program for all the students. By signing this petition you are attesting to the extensive training that Kamei has accomplished, the utmost knowledge of her handler (Sirena Hettrick) in Canine Therapy, and the notion that Kamei should continue her work with the students. Further, you will contribute to a continuous battle against the negative stigma toward Pitbull type dogs.


Please Note: The school is 100% supportive of Kamei. This petition is to provide the parent with a list of people that support Kamei.

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