Surgical Face Mask Price Control (UK)

Surgical Face Mask Price Control (UK)

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A concerned individual advocating started this petition to The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and

We are calling on the UK government and its specific operational organs to regulate the pricing of life saving products, with a target towards the first line of prevention against Covid-19; face masks. As it now stands, the price of face masks has risen to an unacceptable degree.

Does it really save lives?

In the month of March, the BBC advised citizens that wearing a face mask could be detrimental due to incorrect application, with the demographic number of cases not reaching a level suitable for the product. However, the UK's Covid-19 mortality rate is now the highest in the world, hence action should be prompted.

What about availability? Wouldn't that reduce the supply within the UK due to lower profit margins?

Albeit being logical based off simple economics, it is evident in other countries such as Malaysia and Thailand, where a price control on face masks is currently implemented, that suppliers are still more than willing to supply the product for a humanitarian purpose, with a healthy profit margin as an incentive. 

If the UK government would form an opinion which differs from this, we would ask for an investigation into the price gouging which is evidently ongoing, as some simple examples, several of our starting petitioners who contributed to this petition had noticed that face masks being sold online and in independent pharmacies had increased to a dangerous level, where a box of face masks (20pcs) was priced at £75 in an independent pharmacy, noting that it is recommended to change masks frequently, not being uncommon to change it 2 or 3 times a day and hence becoming an expensive endeavor. 

Response to Professor Jonathan Van Tam's Advice on face masks:

5 days before the posting of this petition, the BBC published a video, where the Deputy Chief Medical Officer echoed Professor Jonathan's advice in which "We do not recommend face masks for general wearing".

We understand and accept Professor Jonathan's advice, however, consumers should and must be allowed to make independent consumer choices, in which the option to purchase face masks must be a matter of choice, not a matter of affordability.

What we are requesting from this petition is not to debate further on the reliability of face masks, but to enable UK consumers to make the choice, for it would likely do more good than harm.

A personal testimony:

"When I was going around East London to stock up on supplies, I had noticed that many people, varying from all ages, had multiple approaches to cover their faces, notably with many choosing to use scarves or cloth alternatives to face masks, for which is logically a worse option. 

It had dawned on me that the reason these people are doing what they do is simply because of one reason; consumers do wish to protect themselves, but lack the means to do so.

I felt a great degree of sadness as I knew that an independent pharmacy nearby (choosing not to share the name) did indeed have face masks in stock, and had it for several days with people rather opting for alternate options, in which they had to make the choice to do so for one clear reason, the price.

As of now, I have left the country and had been tested negative, being safe from the grim reality that the UK is facing. And now, I would wish to help the locals who lived near me and gave me a great experience in East London, for I fear the health concerns they may face without being empowered to do what they feel is the safest, simply because of a steep price tag." - Ken




0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!