Change the shape of Bundoora Square

Change the shape of Bundoora Square

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Started by Mr Fink

The Bundoora Square Shopping Centre needs a new shape. Instead of passing the buck, we call on the property owners, centre managements, supermarkets and the City of Whittlesea's Executive Leadership team to work together to improve this amenity for the community. We, the community must be consulted in this process - especially young residents. Here are just some of the problems the Bundoora Square Community Circle have identified which need to be resolved. (You're welcome):

  • Terrible traffic flow and parking congestion with frequent crashes
  • Permitting a gluttony of unhealthy fast-food restaurants in the area shows little to no care for  community health and wellness. (7 pizza shops, 3 burger shops, 2 fish and chip shops, 2 kebab shops and a donut shop as the cherry on the top)
  • Permission to allow Grill'd to destroy the large, unique mural loved by young and old and replacing it with a soul-less, grey wall. Removing the last notes of anything of interest or character about the BSQ centre. Welcome to another homogenous mall.
  • General dirtiness with top-notes of stale wee and second-hand cigarette smoke. Lackluster windows, cob-webbed, broken and out-of-date signage.
  • Lack of town-square options for the community to meet and connect with one another. Dennison Mall has an outdoor stage but it faces a tree (presumably a groupie) and a laundromat wall. It is strange and barely used. We could use some grassed area for people to sit and eat.
  • Lack of exciting cafe's to brunch at, restaurants to dine-in, or bars with lots of live music and zero pokie machines. We are forced to go to other councils for entertainment options.

We call on decision-makers in local government, the owners and managers of properties and businesses in BSQ to get your act together! 

Find a balance between profit-driven development and sensible town planning that caters to the surrounding community's needs, allowing both to thrive. It makes good business sense. We need a plan to change the shape of BSQ for good, to make it a destination, an eye-opener not an eye-sore. And we wouldn't mind someone to unclog our arteries of all this junk food while you're at it!!

Join the Bundoora Square Community Circle on Facebook for more details and to contribute your ideas!

83 have signed. Let’s get to 100!