Fake news should stop !

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Fake news !

This  is my open letter to all the people of the world 

What is fake news?
Lots of things you read online especially in your social media feeds may appear to be true, often is isn’t  .Usually, these stories are created to either influence people’s views, push a political agenda or cause confusion and can often be a profitable business .

Facebook, WhatsApp , twitter and various other social media platforms have  given a lot of lip service to their desire to fight fake news, but I’m sure you agree that you still see tons of it on your feed.
 Each of us are on various social media platforms where we often see many articles and posts that are highly believable and we often “like” them , “ share” them and “subscribe” to them which could and often do lead to troubles that we don’t even want to or even intent to do . This is a highly addictive habit that we tend to develop to share posts without even reading them . 

Today the trouble that India is facing is half as bad only because of the fake news that was spread by you and I without even realising . We have to combat this and not only as one person but as a whole ! Get your voice heard if you are sick of fake news messages buzzing of your phone all day 

This is my voice and I want it heard 

By Inayat (a concerned citizen of only 12 years of age )