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Petitioning Council Member, At-Large Brian Ayer and 6 others

The Common Council of Noblesville Indiana: Legalize chickens within the corporate city limits

The benefits are healthy!

• Fresh, healthy, delicious eggs, free of pesticides
and antibiotics.
• Chickens eat table scraps, reducing waste.
• Chickens are omnivores that eat weeds, slugs, small rodents
and bugs, reducing our backyard pest
• Chicken eggs are a cheap, sustainable food source and can help families survive in the event of disruptions in the commercial delivery system.
• Keeping chickens is a important traditional survival skill.
• Chickens make great pets as they affectionate, intelligent, and entertaining.
• Children and adults receive a valuable education about animals, food sources, and responsible animal keeping.

Chickens are not "farm animals"- they are pets with benefits!

• Hens are quiet and do not crow!
• A small flock of 6 hens doesn't stink.
• Hens don’t need roosters to lay eggs.
• A small flock of 6 hens is clean and easy to care for.
• Backyard hens are disease-free. Diseases are a large factory problem.
• Hens won’t attract new predators that aren’t already in the area.
• A well-tended hen house can fit in with any neighborhood aesthetic.
• With only 6 hens, waste is kept to a minimum and doubles as fertilizer.

We want to make owning a few hens legal in Noblesville.
Please consider signing this petition! Contact us at with any questions or concerns. 

Letter to
Council Member, At-Large Brian Ayer
Council Member, At-Large Jeff Zeckel
Council Member-District 1 Roy Johnson
and 4 others
Council Member-District 2 Stephen Wood
Council Member-District 3 Rick Taylor
Council Member-District 4 Mark Boice
Council Member-District 5 Greg O'Connor
I am writing in support of legalizing small numbers of hens (not roosters) within the city limits of Noblesville. They are not farm animals, but rather pets with benefits.