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The Committee on Judicial Ethics, The State Bar of Texas Judicial Section: Review the misconduct of Judge Jean Hudson-Boyd (R), Ft. Worth, Texas 323rd District Court

Tarrant County Juvenile Court Judge Jean Boyd's recent inappropriate sentencing of Ethan Couch, who murdered four people and destroyed the lives of so many others in a recent driving while intoxicated case, denied justice to the families and survivors of this horrific tragedy by allowing the ridiculous argument that Affluence and familial dysfunction was to blame for these senseless killings.  Judge Jean Boyd's decision to sentence Ethan Couch to 10 years probation because of his families wealth is reckless in the interest of public safety and with a growing number of elected officials joining in the call for action in this miscarriage of justice demands that a formal and proper judicial/ethical review be conducted in this case.  There is growing concern that the families affluence which secured this abomination of a ruling may have deeper roots in judicial corruption within Judge Jean Boyd's courtroom.

Please join with me in signing this petition and shout out loudly that we do not accept this misconduct on behalf of Judge Jean Boyd to allow such disgusting leniency for such a heinous act of disregard for public safety.  Judge Jean Boyd should be removed from the bench if she is unable to carry out her sworn duties effectively in the interest of justice for those killed who cannot speak for themselves.

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  • The Committee on Judicial Ethics, The State Bar of Texas Judicial Section

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