mhtcet 2019-injustice of the year, to the students.

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as we know  the unfair results has came  out 

which has done injustice to pcm students.


Normalization formula justifies the percentile score only when there is random allotment of students in every shift.... But here it is totally unfair because here the competition on 2 & 3 May is between pure PCM guys... My brothers example... Marks 171, 3rd May, percentile 99.697 His friends, 1) marks 165, 10 may, percentile 99.98 2) marks 170, 13 may, 99.99 3) 160, 13 may, 99.96 4) 143, 13 may, 99.67 5) 137, 12 may, 99.45 Please everyone... Make RTI or something on CET CELL to publish first 3000 or 5000 ranks with their date & shift and marks & respective percentile, involve media, go to highcourt if possible,... Because it is the matter of future of ours....


Frnds have u noticed this why there were only 20k students per shift in pcmb and about 30k students per shift in pcm batch. This also creates huge differnce in competion as it is obvious that more the students in a shift high will be the competion and results in lesser %ile. Can cet cell give explanation about this why they have 8 shifts for pcmb students. As there were 1.7lac pcmb students so there must be 6 shifts to get 30k students in each shift similar to pcm batches!!!
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Due to this percentile method hardworking students have left behind specially pcm ones those bio students have been greatly benefitted in percentile score


Today as the results are declared and most of us (pcm students) feel Cheated by cet. They say normalization process is to insure that non of student get benefited aur disadvantaged. But what they actually did is just opposite. As we all know most of engineering students opted for pcm as a result competion increased so much for pcm students. As a result we are getting low percentile with high marks. And there is great benefit to pcmb students. Lets see one fact from previous year trend that there are approximately 9000 students who score 120+ in exam So according to trends a student scoring 120 should get rank of 8000-9000. But now what happen is that there is student who score 120+ in pcm batch and gets 94 %ile that means his rank would be around 8000 out of 1.2 lac pcm students which is satisfactory. But now all the blunder starts when we add pcmb students in rank calculation and his rank becames 18k(approx) out of 2.7lac. So let me know ur opinion about this #cet%ilescam So those who r in favour of filling petion against the cet result.

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