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The Commercial Music Industry, Film and Radio Networks Stop Destroying Our Youth by Promoting Drugs, Gangs, Sex and Violence

The purpose of this petition is to severely reduce the amount of commercial music promoting gangs, sex, drugs, violence and ignorance. Hip hop music being promoted by major corporations has lost its conscientiousness over time, becoming a recipe for self-destruction for those who listen to it. Talent no longer matters as much as image, and most of the imagery is entirely negative.

Artists have tried to speak up on the issue, but with very little success. Even the rapper Too Short, after being challenged for his XXL video promoting violence against women, said that executives have told him that he should continue degrading women and focusing on negativity in order to increase his record sales.
Artists are told to trade in their souls in exchange for money and fame, and too many of them are taking the money. As a youth, I grew up wanting a piece of the so-called success, but I had no idea how costly this success might be.

Our community has abandoned the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King and instead is pursuing a nightmare that consists of irresponsible sex, killing one another, remaining ignorant, joining gangs and using drugs. Most of these goals are fueled by the music our kids are listening to every day on the radio. This petition is a call for something better. I hope you will join us in this fight.


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