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Finish Investigation of Shooting of a Jack Russell Terrier on May 10th

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June 14, 2012

Last night the Colorado Springs Police Department visited the suspect's home with 7 police cars and officers did a though search of the home for the weapon involved in the shooting.

An officer came down to brief us before they left and we were told they did confiscate a pellet gun and will be performing ballistic tests to see if it was the weapon used in this crime.

There is a possibility the gun confiscated is not the weapon (more details than I can post) so we can't be positive it will lead to arrest of the shooter and/or charges., but I am confident that the CSPD is paying attention and that the shooter, who ever they are, know that they can't get away with random acts of violence against animals in the future.

I can say with all honesty that this would not have happened with out your support. Thank you for caring about Scamp and helping us to make our neighborhood safer!

 Sincerely, William and Barbara Searles


Help keep the streets of Colorado Springs safe for humans as well as dogs! 

On 10 May 2012, my dog Scamp, a 20-lbs Jack Russell Terrier, was shot and killed on a quiet suburban street at 3:30 pm. Scamp briefly got out of the house when a door-to-door solicitor came to the door. My husband, Bill, and the sales person walked to the end of our driveway, they heard a shot.

Scamp had been hit by a pellet gun, shot in the street, on public property.

Bill called me at work and I raced home  - a 10 minute drive.  We gathered him up and sped to the vet's office, but he had already passed away by the time we could get him medical attention. 

His death was slow and painful. 

We called the Colorado Springs Police Department, and they notified the Pikes' Peak Humane Society.  The Humane Society Responded within 20 minutes, the Police Department response was over 1 hour. 

Once statements were taken, the Humane Society Officer and Police viewed Scamp's body which was being held at the vet's office.  The Humane Society asked to take possession of Scamp's remains to hold as evidence of the property damage (in Colorado, this is considered a property crime) and offered to have their vet perform the necropsy with the goal of retrieving the pellet for additional evidence.

Scamp, this loving family pet, was shot in the right rump, indicating that he was on his way home and walking AWAY from the shooter. 

The suspected shooter is a neighbor who had threatened other dogs and dog owners in the neighborhood and who lived the house directly across the street from where Scamp was found.   No one saw them with the weapon, however, eye witnesses placed the suspect in their yard just prior to the attack.  Also, the Police Department spoke to them the evening of Scamp's killing and viewed weapons they have in the house, to include a pellet gun. 

The Pikes Peak Humane Society has been very involved and took Scamp's body to their facility for a necropsy and have retrieved the pellet used to shoot him.  The pellet entered his rump area, went through his abdomen and cut femeral artery, a "one in a million" shot.  His abdomen was full of blood, so from the time he was shot there was no chance of recovery because the damage was too intense.  For those of you not familiar with pellets (I was one of you until this incident), they are not bbs, they are a grooved cylinder with "tails" and do a lot of tissue damage when they enter the body of a living creature at high speed. 

With the evidence of the spent pellet, the Colorado Springs Police Department can obtain a search warrant and test to see if the suspect's weapons match the pellet. If the pellet matches the suspect's pellet gun, the neighbor can be charged with animal cruelty charges as well as discharging a weapon within the city limits. 

My efforts to bring this shooting to the forefront ignited on Monday, June 4th when a local TV station, KKTV in Colorado Springs,  featured news about ANOTHER dog that has been shot and killed in Colorado Springs.

Zoey, a family pet boxer,was brutally shot in her neighborhood in Colorado Springs after briefly escaping from her fenced yard.  Her killer shot her FOUR times with a handgun and has not been charged with animal abuse nor a weapons violation to date.  

For more information on Zoey go to: and join the Facebook community that has been built!/groups/344266315646456/ to support JUSTICE FOR ZOEY. 

Based on Zoey's case, my husband Bill and I have contacted KKTV relaying the story about Scamp and sent them Scamp's photo hoping to get the attention of local media and to get the CSPD to keep the investigation going on Scamp's investigation as well as to publicize the need for stricter enforcement of weapons discharges in the city limits of Colorado Springs as a public safety issue.

You can see photos of Scamp and track our progress through my facebook page!/


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