Don't Impose Burdensome Regulations on Yoga Teacher Training Programs

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Regulation toward yoga teacher trainings (YTTs) is unnecessary and arbitrary. The Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools is targeting YTTs and asserting that these schools may be subject to requirements governing occupational schools and programs. 

Yoga Alliance opposes the government regulation of yoga for many reasons, but in this particular case: 

  • YTTs are mainly for avocational purposes. The DPOS is supposed to regulate programs that “constitute occupational education” or prepare students for “gainful employment.” C.R.S. §12-59-103(8.5),(11). However, YTTs are not designed to lead to “gainful employment” because most students attend only to deepen their personal yoga practice.
  • We do not know of any significant consumer complaints about YTTs in Colorado. After many years of allowing YTTs to operate without undue interference, consumer complaints were not the reason given for the DPOS’ recent initiative, undermining its position that it should regulate YTTs for the benefit of consumers.
  • The decision to regulate YTTs is arbitrary. Even though the DPOS believes that its authority stretches to any program that may enable an individual to make any amount of money (however insignificant), it only regulates approximately 100 occupational categories. This means that the DPOS has chosen not to regulate countless programs that could lead to an individual earning some money, making its attempt at regulating YTTs completely arbitrary.
  • Regulation would shut down small, independent YTTs. Many YTTs in Colorado are small businesses with tight budgets. The fees imposed by the DPOS can go into the thousands of dollars), and will have a detrimental effect on independent studios. We have already heard about studios that may close their doors or move out of state because of the DPOS’ efforts – costing Coloradans jobs and access to preferred studios.
  • Regulation provides an unfair advantage to large, established YTTs. Between the extra rules, restrictions and fees, larger YTTs have an unfair advantage over small or start-up programs because they have the time, money and resources to devote to jumping through the extra hoops. This is a luxury that budding yoga entrepreneurs cannot afford.

Join us in opposing the Colorado Division of Private Occupational School’s (DPOS) efforts to impose burdensome and expensive requirements on yoga teacher training schools in this state. 

Sign this petition to tell state lawmakers to protect the yoga community from unnecessary and harmful regulation.

This petition will be presented to Colorado's House of Representatives very soon, so we need your help now! For more details about the situation in Colorado, please visit our Advocacy page.

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