I would like a better process regarding patients complaints

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Anyone that had to deal with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario knows what I am talking about. How frustrating and how long the process is and by the time you get through it yet again you get disappointed. What I don't get is if I as a patient make a false claim I would be prosecuted and go to jail for fraud which is the right thing to do and should be. But what is not fair is that the doctors do not face the same kind of scrutiny and justice if they cause long term injury to me and then outright lies about it and also block my attempt to get any help in that is specialize field. The most they get here in Canada is a warning or a suspension and a fine. So much for fairness. Very rare has a doctor license ever been revoked and when it did it was with great  pain and perseverance on the part of the patient whom still suffer to this day because of their actions. This is why I decided to post this story on this site so some changes can be made in the way the complaints are done and processes. Doctors should be held more accountable for their action since we the patient put our trust, life and health in their hands and should conduct themselves with high esteem and integrity.
After the latest decision and the experience I am going through with the College of Physicians isn't there any wonder why some doctors abuse their position? With everything that I said and even producing some documents to back up my claim, their decision only is one sided. Even when these doctors where misleading in their reply, I made an attempt to correct those inconsistencies and back it up with documents stating the truth. Regardless that my right where violated and there is many other transgressions on their part that I can mention it all comes down to this main point, these doctors abuse their power of trust and they get a pass on it? Is it any wonder why it take so long to bring some of these doctors to justice? I'm starting to think that the College of Physician is just a delay tactics on the part of the doctors to buy some time and in the hope the patient give up. Never mind that sometimes some innocent parents goes to jail because a doctor made a false report and gave a false statement. Or that many lives have been affected by their conduct. Why do the College wait until many lives are affected before they act? And then they are totally surprise that some gets so arrogant and begin to behave badly!!! I am starting to feel like my entire attempt to get to the truth is being block.
I deserve to know the truth and will not settle for anything less otherwise that would be to compromise my integrity at this point I am not going to. There are two classes in our society the "Have" which is the College who protect and provide legal assistance to their doctors and the "Have Not" and if you end up falling in the second category like I do I have to defend myself with all the tools at my disposal until I can find the proper help that I need! I finally have one area that is being taken care of and the one thing that has been eluding me up to date and is the most important challenge is to see and speak with a specialist who has knowledge of long term severe reaction and side effects cause by Botox use for chronic pain. I learn a lot by these reactions but there are many questions that need to be answered. Has anyone else ever had that much and going through similar reactions?
I even wrote a blog detailing the entire step that I have gone through up to date and also how these treatments has and still is affecting my health @








These doctors involves in my case change my diagnosis and tampers with my files, also access my files without written consent after no longer being in their care. What response did I get from the College regarding their conduct!. That I was malicious and my claim was and is baseless even after sending them the result that indeed I was overdose with Botox and now suffering from Botulism toxin!

Also another hurdle that we as patient must go through is trying to find proper representation even with the solid evidence that I have still can't find a lawyer that want to help in any way unless I get a expert and here again when I tried was told that they (expert) can't take my case since it would be a "Conflict of interest" will let you draw your own conclusion on this one!

All roadblock that are put in the way of the patient while these doctors have all the protection they need! This need to change so the patient can be empower when facing with a entity that think they are entitle!
Thank goodness there are still many good doctors out there that value the trust of their patient!
Too bad some doctors don't like to get involves more to help and protect the patient, even just a small action like reporting their colleague who does wrong would go a long way in helping to alleviating the stress and anxiety that some patient goes through. It is hard enough to deal with a challenging condition and even harder to get answer, that would be a first good step even if it is not in the physician’s specialty.
If you believe that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and Canada is useless and we need a different way to deal with patient complaints and make doctors more accountable for their action, please sign this petition and hopefully our Government provincial or federal will listen and make changes appropriately!