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June 6 SAT Error --Petition for an Optional Retest

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After learning about the June 2015 SAT mistake, the College Board attempted to fix their error by throwing out the two sections that were compromised. According to the College Board employees, the number of wrong answers from the two previous sections will be averaged together and account for the number of questions wrong on the student's third section. For example, if a student got an average of 3 questions wrong total on the two previous sections, the College Board would assume that the student must have gotten 3 questions wrong on the section that is going to be thrown out, even if the student got a perfect score on that section. Many students feel like their score will be severely impacted by the College Board's decision. This will hardly be an accurate representation of the scores many students work so hard for. This test plays a major role in college applications, and a scoring system that deviates from the norm is not good enough. The College Board needs to offer an optional retest for students to ensure the students get the scores they deserve, and this retest should be offered  before October. However, if someone does not wish to take a retest, they should have the option to keep their old score. In addition, students should be able to see their graded June 6, SAT before deciding if they want to take a retest. This test plays a major role in student's futures, and the College Board's "solution" fails to fulfill the purpose of showcasing a student's abilities accurately. 


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