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This petition details Safehaven International’s efforts to restructure rite of passage ceremonies for girls in order to exclude the physical act of genital mutilation.Female genital mutilation (or female genital cutting) comprises all surgical procedures involving partial or total removal of the external genitalia or other injuries to the female genital organs for cultural or non-therapeutic reasons. young girls age between 12 – 15 who are ‘coming of age’ are circumcised. FGM is usually performed by traditional practioners generally elderly women specially designated for this task or traditional birth attendants who goes from house to house where these girls are .
The operation lasts about 15 – 20min, is carried out with special knives, scissors, scalpels, pieces of glass or razor blades and the instruments may be reused without cleaning.
Anesthetics and antiseptics are not generally used, and pastes containing herbs, local porridge, or ashes are frequently rubbed on wounds to stop bleeding.During the process of the FGM, a lot of girls were reported to have bled excessively with the traditional methods of first aid failing, parents were forced to rush their daughters to hospitals which are not even close enough, as a result majority bled to death
Also when most of the girls are able to get to the cities, never get back to the villages for circumcision exercise. When eventually they return after passing the age, they are treated as out cast and their mothers very humiliated in public places.
This is important because the CLITORIS is a gift from God and must not be mutilated in any form for any reason and girls and women should be allowed to fulfill that aspect ofsexuality to both their husbands and themselves. The absence of a clitoris makes a woman not to reach orgasm fast but with struggles and most times no fulfillment. hence this petition.

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