Change Aviation Legislation that allows children to be sat separately from parents

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After a terrible experience being separated on a 12 hour flight from my 3 & 9 year old daughters I discovered that according to aviation law it is perfectly legal for an airline to seat a child up to 1 row away from a parent or accompanying adult.  This has to change.  Not only is it immoral, but there are also major safe guarding issues as there is no way of knowing who your child is potentially sitting next to, it also causes potential safety issues if an emergency were to happen on board, not to mention the emotional distress of a child being separated from their parents in some cases for many many hours.  This scenario is terrifyingly common and the legislation is being exploited by airlines to extort passengers in to paying more money by threatening that purchasing specific seats is the only way to guarantee being seated together, when families are already paying inflated prices to travel during school holidays.  This has to change, please sign this petiton and get the Civil Aviation Authority to amend their legislation to make travelling with children safer and fairer.