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Mayor of Zenica - 700 hunters ready to slaughter strays and doesn't care if Europe objects

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In the town of Zenika in Bosnia hundreds of dogs and cats have died a horrific death by poisoning thanks to the Mayor Faud Kasumovic calling open season on strays. This week he goes even further, he states in a news conference that he has 700 hunters ready to butcher the strays and he does not care if all of Europe come for him. This is his plan and he will implement it.

This individual is abusing his power, pushing his own bias onto the local community and sending out a very clear message that animal abuse and torture is tolerated in Bosnia.

Well its not OK, not even by Bosnia's own animal welfare laws. Yet here is Mayor publicly thwarting the laws he is bound himself to keep and also encouraging Bosnian citizens to do the same.

Bosnia is hoping to become a full European member, part of the conditions is that public funds are spent correctly and appropriately. That the applicant member state has control over its laws and is implementing them. The Mayor of Zenika is doing neither and yet the President of Bosnia is allowing this to happen and turning a blind eye. This then becomes a matter for the EU commission as an applicant member is deliberately defying the conditions of entry into the EU. 

Thanks to the mayor the strays are now at the mercy of all abusers who now hold no fear of recrimination because those in authority are blatantly committing animal cruelty themselves, in fact are promoting it.

We the European community demand that President Marinko Cavara takes notice of what is happening under his governments nose and stops the Mayor from committing any further breaches of animal cruelty laws. 

How can President Cavara administration be taken seriously by the European community and citizens of European member states if he lacks control of his own officers?

We the undersigned demand that these horrific, barbaric and illegal killings must stop and that the Mayor of Zenika be ordered to cooperate with the local Non Governmental Organisation Šapa to build shelters, promote responsible chipping and sterilisation of owned pets, and to initiate catch neuter and release programmes. The above is more effective, more humane and also is more economical with public funds. 

Bosnia will always be seen as the Barbarians of Europe if the President himself allows rogue Mayors to breach the countries own laws and promote animal cruelty in such a way.



1) Sign, comment and share this petition (Please dont stop at signing and sharing this petition, please do all steps below) Your voice, your opinion MUST count

2) Write an email to the persons below and send it from your own personal email telling them why you believe the actions of the Mayor of Zenika is wrong, how you feel about this and what you hope they will implement instead. ( Catch neuter and release programmes, Enforced chip and sterilisation of owned animals, public shelters built and overseen by local Non profit organisations to ensure humane treatment of strays is carried out) 

President of Bosnia Marinko Cavara                   Zenika Ministry of Law - Ministry of Law
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Zenika Environment Ministry -  
Cantonal Assembly -
City of Zenica Councilors - 
City of Zenica assembly - the .

3) Find your own MEP via this link and urge them to act on your behalf and to contact the administration of Bosnia themselves to stop this horror from continuing.

 4) Tell the president himself how you feel about the strays of Zenikas and what the mayor is doing on his own Facebook page

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