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We plead the local municipal in Yangon to stop the mass culling of stray dogs in Yangon, Myanmar.

On their orders dogs are fed poisonus meat, "cleaning up" the city street by street. As many as 3-4000 dogs where killed every month last year. This year the figures range from 1000-3000 dogs per month. The animals suffers a long and painful death caused by inner bleedings due to the poison.

The Myanmar dog population is estimated at 3,5 million, although the numbers are vague since no exact data is collected. The stray population in the cities is large, and many local initiatives strive to help the animals to better health through rabies vaccination programs and volunteer work. In neighbouring countries like India and Thailand, ABC-programs have been a great success in spaying dogs to help control overpopulation. We work to acchieve this is Myanmar as well, but face the constant fear that healthy, sterilized dogs may be killed the next day. Shelters can not let dogs back on the street after they are nutured in fear of the municipals ongoing practise, giving no new room for injured and sick animals.

Many locals are against the mass culling of the dogs, but the situation is little known outside the country. We ask the international community to take a stand for these defenceless animals, and say no to this cruel and inhumane practice.

The mass slaughter is ordered and executed by the local Yangon Municipal. Please give these animals a voice and show that you care!


There is a humane alternative to poisoning, which also is more cost effective and sustainable. It is called a neuter-spay-release program which ensures the dog population can be managed without cruelty. The program also increases the awarenes about how to care for, spay and avoid diseases of the animals amongst the local population. Killing off a pack of dogs in a given territory simply allows a new pack to move in, whilst the neutering program insted will keep the dog population at a manageable level. The neuter-spay-release progrem is also cheaper than poison; a rabies vaccination costs 500 kyat (50 US cents), far less then the meat and poison used to kill the dogs. The program already has many volunteers who also help to vaccinate the dogs.

The main reason why this is wrong is still that the treatment of the dogs is very cruel as the dogs suffer greatly before they die.


Buddhism aims to treat all living creatures with respect. This is why we pleed the governing administration in the Yangon Municipal to stop this cruel practice, as we know Myanmar is a devoted Buddhist country.

Help us show that there is a better solution avaliable.

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