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Replace Drew Bessey with someone who cares about the animals at the Wichita Animal Shelter.

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Did you know... The supervisor, Drew Bessey, of the Wichita Animal Shelter REFUSES to allow the dogs to have BEDS?  Not only that, but no comforts whatsoever!  No blankets, no toys and they are not even allowed to stay with their pack mates if they are brought in as a group. 


Do you recall the news story of the three siblings that were around 10 years of age that were brought to the shelter when their owner died?  Staff put them together, Mr. Bessey ordered them SEPERATED!  At the age of 10, owner dead, in a shelter, and in forced solitary confinement!  How can this not be detrimental to the emotional health and well being of a dog?


All of this increases the stress these animals are under which makes it even harder for them to pass their evaluations with the Kansas Humane Society.  The KHS was a pioneer in behavior evaluations back in the 1990s, which is why they will adopt out 'dangerous' breeds. Nationwide and other shelters learned from their work and have implemented similar behavior testing so as to save as many lives as possible.


Under Drew Bessey's leadership the shelter is ¾ empty and as many as 70 dogs a week are put down. Was it really the expectation of the Murfins' that they build us this really nice facility only to have it so empty and to have so many dogs destroyed?


Also, once he feels his authority has been challenged by a rescue he then hampers their efforts to rescue animals. I witnessed this first hand when my wife went to pick up the siblings for the rescue that pulled them. Mr. Bessey does not like the lady that runs that particular rescue and pulled this stunt in order to hamper her rescue efforts. My wife had prearranged pickup time setup and arrived on time after 6 PM, which was after the KHS director had left work for the day, and before 6:30, which was when the shelter closed. Mr. Bessey all of a sudden decided that he would not release the three dogs to my wife, but only to a KHS representative, which was only decided after the KHS director had left for the day, thus making it impossible for my wife to pick them up. Little did he know my wife had the directors cell phone number and arrangements were made that an employee of the KHS would come over and give the dogs to my wife, which is what happened right in front of Mr. Bessey in the shelter office.



Here is a link to the story with a picture of me holding the dogs at the rescue.


Drew Bessey really does not care or understand animal behavior and should be replaced with someone who understands and cares about saving lives. This is not a petition to get the man fired, just replaced.


The photo is of one of the three siblings in our Suburban on their Freedom Ride to the rescue. 



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